I find it fascinating that people have been overindulging enjoying wine since the dawn of time…or at least since the days of the Etruscans.  (And to think our country banned the nectar of the Gods less than 100 years ago! Blasphemy!)

This week I venutred out of Roma Centro to Orvieto, an anciet Etruscan town perched atop a volcanic outcropping in the Umbria region of Italy.  An hour outside of Rome, my companions and I began our adventure by riding up an ancient cog train to the town that was a rare safe zone during World War II, and the namesake of one of my favorite dessert wines, Orvieto Classico.

Orvieto Classico is a blend made mostly of grechetto, an ancient Italian grape variety, and was known historically as a sweet, golden yellow wine.  Today, this sweet variety is the least-produced type of Orvieto wine, since the dry and semi-sweet (abbocatto) are now much more popular.  In my experience, the light white was refreshing and sweet; Mellow, simple, and  easy to drink. A perfect companion for light Italian cookies called giambellini–or a sugar cookie if you’re not in Italia.


  • March 30, 2011
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