Going for the Green

The only thing that seems to rival Justin Beiber’s popularity lately is going green. God knows I can’t even go to Sephora to buy heavily chemical, non-locally sourced, overpriced makeup in Union Square without being confronted by at least one GreenPeace representative and two “Save the Whales” -type activists, all the while long-haired Whole Foods-toting hippies glare at my non-reusable bags full of O-zone-depleting aerosol sprays.  Hey, it’s not like I don’t love Earth and all that–I more than offset my hairspray emissions footprint by taking public transportation, and am frizz-free doing it.

My favorite way to go green is (naturally) by drinking green–which today means green wine.

Affectionately known as vinho verde, green wine is my Portuguese gem of choice for all occasions that might not support drinking in general–Christenings, baby showers, or 11 am lunches with my grandparents.

Although the name literally means green wine, it refers mostly to the youth of the wine, since vinho verde should be consumed within a year of bottling. My favorite variety is Casal Garcia, which retails for about $6 per bottle.  Like most verdes, its characterized by crisp, fruity flavors, light carbonation and floral smells.  (Essentially, its the Virgin Mary of alcohol.)

I adore a glass of this effervescent goodness solo (especially on hot summer days), but it also pairs well with light seafood dishes, crudités, salads, and pesto dishes.

So do it, go Green.

Vinho Verde Uncorked

Region: Vinho Verde grapes are grown in the Minho region of Portugal, in the north of the country.

Fun Fact: These vines, are often grown high on trellises and even telephone poles so the growers can cultivate vegetables beneath the grapes.

Laura Loves: The low alcohol content of this wine–you can drink it all day and still carry on a conversation.


  • January 13, 2012
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