Coppola Wins Despite Long-Legged Competition (Ahem, Angelina)

In honor of the those naked, faceless gold statues known as Oscars, and Angelina Jolie’s leg (which beat out Meryl Streep for popularity) I popped open a few bottles of Francis Coppola wine Sunday night (as per an earlier promise) and the results from the Academy are in on more from this red carpet California winery.

For the special night, I opted for Coppola’s 2009 Director’s Pinot Noir,  which I compared alongside their classic pinot noir, also from 2009. Ready to analyze the $5 price and taste differences while flipping between E’s red carpet show (read: 3-minute bouts of hating Kelly Osbourne’s hair) and the ABC pre-party, I popped the corks and got sipping.


First, the classic pinot noir.  At $9/bottle, a great deal from a winery I already love. Just like last time, this nectar swept the board (read: Hugo).  It had rich berry aromas with bits of earthiness and cherry, and was well-balanced and smooth across the palate.  Drinking the 2009 pinot noir from Coppola is the beverage equivalent to Billy Crystal hosting the Oscars–an absolutely worthwhile safe bet.

On to the real show…Billy’s facial fillers (And who did that guy’s eyebrows??). To handle all this, I opened up my winner, the 2009 Director pinot noir. On the nose it was pleasing–very fruity, with a lot of cherry notes (read: What Rooney Mara’s lipstick probably tasted like).  This wine was like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, it had some great prequels but didn’t measure up with the Academy.  The wine started out nicely in the mouth, but overall was really tart and unpleasant (read: Jennifer Lopez’s outfit).   I must say the pucker-level mellowed after the wine breathed for awhile (if only Jolie’s legs mellowed) but I still much prefer the classic pinot, as it was lighter and had a much fuller flavor from the start.

Francis Coppola Wines Uncorked (and a little bit more Oscars…)

140 Character Coppola History: 30 years ago desire for “small summer house” led to estate buy & #crazywinesuccess

Laura Loves: Coppola Claret, Pinot Noir, & Cabernet Sauvignon–all are delicious and great for the price (usually $9.99-$12.99)

Hollywood Wines: Coppola is about to be joined in the in the wine industry by Drew Barrymore, who will be debuting a $19.99 pinot grigio this year.

Racecar drivers Mario Andretti and Jeff Gordon are also on the Napa scene (specializing in speed fermentation, naturally)

I hereby nominate Meryl Streep as Hollywood’s next Vinter–just think of all the movies (or even nominations) she could use as names for varietals– “Prada-Wearing Devil” Pinot noir, “Mamma Mia” singing white blend, “It’s Complicated” sparkling wine…the possibilities are endless.


  • March 1, 2012
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