Drinking My Dessert…Well, Sometimes

Every time I go into my favorite discount wine store (BQE Wines on Meeker Ave. If anyone is curious) something new jumps out at me.  Today, it was the realization that New Yorkers are now getting drunk off dessert. Yes, Dessert. And No, not that crazy Sambuca pie Aunt Janey always makes on Christmas Eve, but rather wines with dessert-themed names, and blends that truly remind the drinker (read:Me) of those sweet after-dinner nibbles responsible for my expanding waistline.

Naturally, I was unable to resist grabbing a few bottles of my favorite Cupcake Vineyards varieties, and have now stocked my wine cabinet (read: the top of my fridge) with other dessert-themed wines like Layer Cake for investigation at a later date. As promised before, here are my top three cupcakes:

Red Velvet: If the resident baker in your family has ever whipped up a richly, smooth red velevet cake, than you have already tried out this sultry, sweet red blend.  A combination of Zinfandel, Merlot, Petit Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon, the feel of this wine in my mouth was supremely reminiscent of the dessert it is named for. I have been known to sip it solo, but it is also great alongside dark chocolate, or sweet and spicy Asian meat dishes. ($12/750ml)

Sauvingnon Blanc:  My #2 from the Cupcake family is their crisp and refreshing sauvingnon blanc.  It is a great accompaniment to light pasta dishes ( I had it alongside pasta primavera bursting with summer squash, sundried tomatoes and excellent extra virgin olive oil) and as a celebration of springtime in general.  Lightly effervescent, this is a “good-girl” wine with fresh hints of apricot, grapefruit, green apple and lemon.  ($10/750ml)

Merlot:  This was my only disappointment so far from the Cupcake family—beginning from the smell I was disappointed with the California Merlot, which had some of the smoothness and berry flavors I expected, but fell flat overall.  (Guess Merlot and dessert just aren’t meant to be). ($10/750ml)

In short, for the price Cupcake delivers an above average wine, for dessert and then some.

Cupcake Wine Uncorked:

Laura Loves:  Dessert. Try pairing the Red Velvet with cheesecake, or sip the sauvingnon blanc alongside strawberry shortcake or lemony desserts.

Fun Facts: Though the vineyard is located in California, Cupcake also sources grapes for its juice from New Zealand, Argentina, and several regions of Italy.

Cupcake also makes super-premium vodka.

According to food historian Andrew Smith, cupcakes have been around since 1867. (My NYC favorites are from this W.Village spot)

Can’t Wait to Try: Cupcake Angel Food—a white blend of primarily California chardonnay.

For the Booze Hounds: The classic dessert shot—chocolate cake.

Mix ½ oz. Vodka (vanilla or citron is best) with ½ oz. Frangelico over ice. Strain into a shot glass.  Finish with a sugared lemon wedge.  (Throw the wedge in your mouth post-shot for the true chocolate cake experience.)

  • March 20, 2012
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