Salud Rias Baixas! Sips for Daytime

When I think Spain, I think a lot of things–Paella, flamenco, sultry weather, dark men, sangria, language barriers…the list goes on.

One thing I don’t think: crisp,light, fruity, white wines. This week, I was pleasantly surprised by Terra de Asorei albariño, a white that fits all of the above characteristics and is still distinctively Spanish.

The Terra hails from Rias Baixas, the only region in Spain that produces soley white wines. Located in Northwest España, this zone in Galicia is often referred to as “Green Spain,” because of its lush terrain and cooler temperatures.  Albariño–which makes up 90% of the grapes in the region–is rarely aged in oak, so the lightly flavored juice is versatile, and great for spring.

Terra de Asorei is the wine of day-time. It’s apple-citrus scents, and crisp, refreshing taste made me wish I was spending my day alternating between tanning on the patio and playing tennis. All while dressed in a fiercely preppy country club-esque outfit. You know, just a casual afternoon at the New York Yacht Club. Though I sipped it solo, the fresh, citrus flavors and acidic finish of this wine make it great with seafood, though I also think it would stand up well alongside spicy Asian dishes (Think: Indian Curry).

The sunny days of spring and summer are perfect for albariño.  And what’s particularly refreshing is that Terra de Asorei–like many albariños–costs a lot less than the aformentioned yacht club membership, with many great finds retailing for $10-$15. Salud! 

Albarino Uncorked:

Laura Loves: The budget- and food-friendliness of albariño.

Day-drinking at yacht clubs.

The Albariño Explorers Club–a great site to learn more about albariño and Rias Baixas wines.

Albariño is the same grape used in many vinho verde wines!

Fun Facts: TOMORROW is albariño day! If you’re on Twitter, grab a bottle and get to tweeting about this variety that’s on the up! Use #AlbarinoDay

Albariño is a grape of many names: Albarina, Alvarin Blanco, Alvarinha, Alvarinho, Azal Blanco, Galego and Galeguinho

Spanish for Dummies:

Rias Baixas = Ree-uhhs Bai-Shuhs

Albariño = Alba-Reen-yo

Necessito mas vino! = Nes-sess-ee-toe mas vee-no (Translation: I need more wine! )

My Pre-Albarino day post: @Riasbaixaswines loved Terra de Asorei #wine #AlbarinoDay all the way!


  • May 8, 2012
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