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After my experience at Brooklyn Uncorked this week, I’m proud to say I live in the borough the NY Times calls “ground zero of the artisanal food universe.”  Not that I’ve doubted the BK food scene, but I’m continuously impressed with the quality, and more impressed by the diversity, of the food made and sold here, especially with more and more restaurants and producers utilizing local and seasonal ingredients.

Edible Manhattans 6th Annual “Brooklyn Uncorked,” event brought these bad boys together this week at Skylight One Hanson (AKA the former Brooklyn Savings Bank Tower, complete with gigantic vault) for a night of NY-only sips and snacks.

“Light Bites” was the title–but I’d call the food provided by local producers and restaurants way more than bites. Light meals? Tapas perhaps? Their combined offerings exceeded the size of a Thanksgiving dinner, and provided a true mélange of flavors. My tastebuds jumped from one table to the next, adapting to offerings like iCi’s Fresh May Salad, and Rose Water  Restaurant’s Meyer Lemon Crudot on crostini–and don’t forget to throw in a pulled-pork slider from Trestle on Tenth and gnocchi from Osteria il Paiolo.


Single Origin Flourless Chocolate Cake

Single Origin Flourless Chocolate Cake

There to pair with the delicacies were a plethora of NY-produced wines, with hyper-local juice from spots like BK winery and Brooklyn Oenology along with wineries from the Hudson Valley, Long Island and the Fingerlakes.

I sipped, swirled (and ate) way too many things to detail, so I picked my top two sips & bites, with producers who earned an honorable below. More details are forthcoming as I’ll be exploring all of these spots in the (very) near future.

All in all this event is worth the $50 price tag! Looking forward to next year!

A tip if you’d be up for this event–Don’t wear your skinny jeans! (Even hipsters know it’s bad form to unbutton in public, and trust me, your jeans will be too tight by the time you leave!)

Top Sips:

Whitecliff Vineyard Traminette 2011. When Cornell scientists design grape clones and hybrids things can get crazy, and that’s exactly what happened here in the best of ways! This gerwurtztraminer cross was delicious–with an aggressive floral nose, and refreshing light mouthfeel.  It didn’t have the spice I expected from a gerwurtz hybrid, but that didn’t stop me from grabbing a second glass.

Sweet Shrimp with Preserved Lemon, Daikon, & Dulse

Sweet Shrimp with Preserved Lemon, Daikon, & Dulse

Ravines Wine Cellars Keuka Village White, 2011 This blend was fruity and crisp, but less sweet than most Finger Lakes whites.  A drier alternative to a sweet riesling, with an amazing floral aroma–like walking past a florist on Mother’s day.

Top Bites:

Rose Water Restaurant-Meyer Lemon Crudot, Spring Onion, Spinach, Curry Cream

I broke my one-bite club rule on this winner.  The tuna was exquisite–extremely fresh–and the lemon sauce and curry cream added depth of flavor without taking away the refreshing element inherent in raw fish dishes.  Perfect with Ravines 2011 Dry Riesling, I’d also recommend it with a light, fresh rosé.

Cleaver Co. & The Green Table-Savory Spring Bread Pudding.

This bread pudding rocked my world.  I’ve never been totally clear on exactly what bread pudding was, but this combination of hearty bread and strong cheeses topped with light greens was the perfect spring dish. I was sipping the Keuka Village when I tried this, but I think it could also go well with a slightly oaky chardonnay.

Prepping the next set of sliders--save me one! (or five)

Prepping the next set of sliders–save me one! (or five)

Honorable Mentions:


Bedell Cellars (Long Island)-Taste blends & 2010 Cabernet Franc

Lieb cellars (Long Island)-2011 Bridge Lane Rosé


Trestle on Tenth–Smoked and Roasted Pork Shoulder with Red Onion Jam on Ciabatta

Hundred Acres-Low-Country Pickled Shrimp with Cornbread-Fennel Bsicotti and Yogurt

Blaue Gans-Pork Belly with White Cabbage Salad and Spring Carrots.


Brooklyn Uncorked…Uncorked:

Laura Loves: Local Artisans!

iCi for awesome seasonal, farm-to-table restaurant fare.

Hundred Acres for some low-country lovin’. (read: Shrimp and grits).

The pictures on from the event on this blog.

Smorgasburg for weekly, local prepared foods from (more) of NYC’s best.

Fun Facts: 1 Hanson place is the 2nd tallest building in Brooklyn, surpassed only by The Brooklyner apartments.

New York is one of the top wine-consuming states in the nation. California & Florida are other front-runners.

Alternate Title for This Post: Swirl, Sip, Flirt, Repeat, Round II (click here for Round I)


  • May 13, 2012
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