In Pursuit of Balance

This past Friday, I was struck by the classic (mis)adventure.  Alone, tired, and hungry my Peter Pan “Express” bus to Hartford pulled onto the nonexistent shoulder of I-278 East in Hunt’s Point (aka the Bronx) and blocked traffic there for upwards of 2 hours while a “replacement bus” was found.

Luckily, when I visit my family I tend to bring wine, and on this fine evening I had a bottle of Estancia Pinot Noir, a California pinot that aims for “uncommon balance” –perfect for a time like this.

Also luckily, I seem to always have a corkscrew on me. Considering our engine issues would delay me until long after my family was asleep,  I uncorked the Estancia and said F*#! Peter Pan’s rules–It’s Friday night and if I’m going to survive five hours on this God-forsaken bus, I’m going to need wine.

This crimson killer had rich, earthy aromas and hints of spice on the nose. Post properly-attempted swirl, red fruit flavors dominated, and the finish had just enough of a kick to remind me that excess would end in a headache.

I enjoyed the pinot alongside a bag of gourmet baby carrots–though I think it would pair better with grilled meat or a hearty vegetable dish (Think: grilled veggies w/ goat cheese and a balsamic glaze).  Based on its satisfactory consumption on the bus, I’d even venture to say it’s a good wine to take camping–certainly balanced yummy on its own, but also able to adapt to a variety of flavors.

After I downed mine, balance and chi were restored–enough so that I slept peacefully from New Haven to Hartford.

Estancia Pinot Noir Uncorked:

Laura Loves: This awesome non-profit, which brings yoga to NYC public schools–teaching kids 5-18 to find balance every day.

How wine often works as a friend generator–Shout outs to Sarah and Johan, who called the wine “Delish” and “Tart” on the bus Friday.

Fun Facts: Peter Pan bus line was established just five miles outside my hometown of Ludlow, MA in 1933.

According to my periodic table of grape varieties, pinot noir is the “supreme red Burgundy variety.”

Other Great Balancing Acts: Estancia Chardonnay–smooth oak flavors and hints of yummy citrus fruits sum up this “good-girl” wine.

These heel-free high heels, championed by the one and only Victoria Beckham.


In 140 characters: Trapped on bus with nothing but baby carrots and #wine–it’s gonna be a ??? Friday.


  • June 11, 2012
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