What’s in My Glass? Marzemino

Welcome back to ‘What’s in my glass’  Wednesdays (as if there were days when my glass was empty). This week,  I ended up on a very long hunt for the classic Italian–and totally obscure–variety known most often as Marzemino, but also as a slew of other ridiculous, difficult to pronounce names.

Eventually, I tracked down a bottle of Io Marzemino at this really cute BK wine shop, where the staff was great, and the feeling of their AC was even better…but back to the wine.

This grape’s claim to fame is a one line shout-out in Mozart’s Don Giovanni, where the main character cries out for it while he’s en route to hell–pleasant imagery right?


Grown soley in Northern Italy (the Io was from Trentino, where it’s known to grow best) this red grape makes a great everyday drinking wine, and pairs well with a plethora of foods, but especially pasta dishes in a tomato sauce. (And with sausage and a strong bit of spice, in my opinion).  I think my ideal pairing would be a spicy, penne all’arrabiata–loaded with black pepper, and topped off with just enough fresh basil to play with the cherry flavors in this juice.

This wine reminded me of an average-looking guy with supermodel-level green eyes: He doesn’t smell like Old Spice, but there’s no arguing that the subtle fruit and earth smells on his clothes are comforting, and though he’s not bold, he’s got some solid body and can stand up to a lot of things.

If Io Marzemino really was a guy, you’d forget about him five minutes after meeting, until you saw him again and just couldn’t stop staring into those eyes (read: repeatedly refilling your glass at the dinner table, once the long, smooth finish of the wine had subsided).

Marzemino Uncorked:


Laura Loves: Simple, everyday wines–these suckers are really what make a simple meal sing (read: when you’re on the unemployment spaghetti diet a$9.99 Marzemino can make you feel like a princess instead of a pauper)

Corks with more than a name printed on them.

Fun Facts:The Albino Armani family has been producing wine since 1607.

Marzemino is known under a variety of synonyms throughout Italy. These include Balsamina Nera, Barzemin, Bassamino, Berzemino Calopico, Bossamino and a lot more!

According to this website Marzemino is the 140th most commonly grown grape…which explains why it’s not easy to find.

Pronounciation Guide: Marzemino = MAR-TZE-MEE-NOH 

  • August 1, 2012
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