“The Juice:” Lusting After the Bottles, and the Author

As an city dweller will tell you, subway reading is an essential element of city life. Because without that book you’ll notice the nose picker next to you, or that screaming baby, or the gross European tourists making out on eachothers laps.

My latest avoid-noticing-the-crazies pick was The Juice, Vinous Veritas by the noted novelist and wine columnist Jay McInerney.  I realized as I was reading this that he’s a total Pro. Honestly, it’s no wonder he had 4 wives because I got turned on just listening to him ramble about the beauty and fantastic wine of notable Burgundian estates. ( I’ll leave out how I felt reading the bits about his wild party days in NYC and overindulgences that make most AA committee leaders look dry as Amish counties in Pennsylvania).

The book is a collection of essays, most of which profile a unique wine lover/maker/estate, and manage to convey more than a magnum of wine info at readers without getting boring or too wine geeky or sounding snobby. Most of the essays are 10 pages or less as well, so it’s a great book to pick up for quick occasional reading bouts (cough public transportation cough).

My favorite parts were ones where McInerney really took place in the action, like cutting himself on an early morning grape picking bout in CA, or joining in on the fun during what would become a scandalous NYC wine auction at Cru. If this is his real life, I’m really wondering what kind of fiction this guy also writes.

While McInerney makes it clear he enjoys the occasional $10,000 bottle, he also recommends plenty of under $20 juice (perfect for the unemployed/spendthrift/sans company creadit card  everyday wine drinker).

The Juice Uncorked

Laura Loves: Jay McInerney. You could be my father, but I’d easily sleep with you after half a bottle of Chateau Latour.

Drinking $10 Cava on the couch with Ramen noodles while reading about $10,000 Bordeaux and 30-course dinners.

McInerney’s wine column in the Wall Street Journal.  A great way to see if you like this guy’s style.

Read it if you like: Stories about the people and places behind everyday things–Like how Fred Rogers taught kids how pretzels and sidewalks are made, McInerney paints pictures of the people behind the labels.


  • August 3, 2012
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