What’s in My Glass? Picpoul de Pinet

We’ve all been there–laying out at the beach, the sun warming your face, toes wiggling in the sand, blithely unaware of everything except how amazing the earth feels as a gentle breeze blows through your hair and waves crash softly nearby.

Then you open your eyes and see Her. That hot blonde with the amazing body, whose long hair hasn’t been phased by the salt and sand, but has instead been made into perfect, effortless waves as a result of it. You hate her instantly. Until she walks over with a smile and hands you the frisbee that blew off of your blanket while you were busy cursing the day this bitch was born.

Golden and sexy, with an unmistakable earthy-niceness–She is Picpoul de Pinet personified.

The French grape hails from the Languedoc region in Southern France, not far from pristine Mediterranean waters, so it’s fitting that the golden, greenish-hued juice inspires beach analogies and pairs perfectly with sexy seafood dishes like oysters on the half shell, or with this lusciousHeirloom Tomato Salad with Anchovy Vinagrette I made from one of my favorite food blogs.


‘Picpoul de Pinet’ is the name for Picpoul Blanc grapes grown and fermented in the Languedoc, though white and red varieties of the grape exist and are grown throughout France. The most convenient part is that (unlike many French wines) Picpoul wines are labelled simply “picpoul” or “picpoul de pinet” so they’re relatively easy to identify in stores.

I was happy to discover Font Mars Picpoul de Pinet on the “Under $12” table at this new wine shop on Grand street recently.  On the nose, it reeked of freshly-picked pineapple and grapefruit, with soft floral notes as well. Summer in a bottle. You already know what that bitch tastes like.

Picpoul de Pinet Uncorked:

Laura Loves: The Bitten Word  blog–Zach and Clay finally made use of their food magazines….something I’ll be lucky if I ever have time to do.

Tossing a drop (or several) of picpoul into a pasta dish or salad dressing when lemons aren’t in the house.

Fun Facts:  The name ‘Picpoul’ literally means ‘lip-stinger’ in French, and was given to the grape for its characteristic racy acidity.

‘Picpoul de Pinet’ is one of 2 white-only appellations in the Languedoc.

Font Mars picks all their Picpoul grapes at night to preserve their freshness and avoid heat damage to the grapes once they’re off the vine.

Picpoul’s Perfect Pairs: Crustaceans, raw oysters, and charcuterie like prosciutto, speck, and soppressata.


  • August 15, 2012
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