What’s in My Glass? Pinot Gris for #TGTaste

Gris, Grigio, Green, Gray–call this grape what you want but I thought it was damn good in my glass last week as part of Thirsty Girl’s #TGTaste event with breakout Oregon winery Erath.

legitimately dehydrated true thirsty girl, I like to keep a few bottles handy, and at $14 the Pinot GrisI tasted is a keeper. Light, and straw colored with a decidedly gentler acidity than most of its Italian counterparts (ahem, pinot grigio) this was a lively white with flavors of melon and fresh apples.

Alongside meunster cheese, this variant of Pinot Noir was divine. Thirsty Ladies served the Erath Gris alongside lemon sole with orzo and a simple seared salmon–both classic pairs for the fresh, summery juice. Overall, pinot gris is an easy-to-pair wine, as long as highly acidic foods (ie anything with tomato sauce) are avoided since it’s an acidic wine overall.

Like so many things American, Pinot Gris from this side of the Atlantic has it’s own style.  Unlike super-lean pinot grigios and more buttery, creamy versions from Alsace the No. 1 white variety out of Oregon tends to fall somewhere in between–think fruity flavors, and medium body.

Pinot Gris color varies widely too. Sometimes it’s even pink. Perfect for a Thirsty Girls’ Night.

Pinot Gris Uncorked:

Laura Loves: This article about Oregon wine country from Snooth.

The idea of pairing wine with fitness at Uplift Studios in NYC.

Fun Facts: “Pinot” means pinecone in French, and refers to the shape of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris clusters.

Erath’s founder, Dick Erath, was actually the first grower to produce Pinot Gris in the Northwest after snagging some vines from Alsace.

That Other ‘Pinot’: Erath also hooked me up with a Pinot Noir to sample. Surprisingly light in color, it was a solid wine, great alongside a Sicilian pasta dish I whipped up, and something to keep your eyes open for!

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  • August 22, 2012
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