What’s in My Glass? Grechetto

This past week, I spent some time north of NYC, relaxing in Western Mass, where trees and stars are far more plentiful than skyscrapers and 24-hour delis. Sadly, the temperature there has already dropped too. But, as with every cloud, there was a silver lining here–70 degree temperatures were perfect for exhanging summery whites and rosés for heartier wine. In this case, a lovely Grechetto I found in a bargain bin for just $8.

It took me a few glasses to warm up to this thick, spicy white whose heavy flavor surprised me after light honey aromas and a beautiful straw color.  I thought the Greccante 2005 I slurped would have a much lighter mouthfeel and flavor, but I wasn’t disappointed by the sultry way it filled up my mouth, and left me anxiously wanting more. (Think: An amazingly wild night out, but with a bad boy who would never marry you.)

Typically blended with Chardonnay and other grapes native to the Umbria region of Italy, Grechetto has a long history in the region, and pairs well with many Italian dishes. I sipped it alongside an aged, smoked cheddar, though the honey and spice characteristics of this juice would also complement lighter, buttery cheeses like camembert. For real-meal sipping, chicken or pasta with green olives would also be a good match for this wine–think simple, fresh fare to go alongside a suprisingly lively and heavier white.

Grechetto Uncorked:

Laura Loves: Grechetto is from Umbria, which produces another of my favorite Italian whites–Orvieto!


These hot new Mary Janes--insta-confidence in a shoe.

These hot new Mary Janes–insta-confidence in a shoe.



This wine purse, which has given me a way (finally) to transport wine while staying cute and without looking like too much of a lush. My lastest addition to the Wish List.

Fun Facts: Grechetto may be Italian, but it has distinctive Greek roots.

Because it’s a late-ripening variety, Grechetto is often made into dessert wines.

According to my grape chart, “nutty” is a classic characteristic of Grechetto (and of those who drink it).


  • August 29, 2012
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