Welcome to Wined and Dined!

Welcome one and all to ‘Wined and Dined,’ known affectionately in the Bachelor Pad as “Laura’s annoying and usually terrible attempts at food photography.”

Hey, at least I’m trying.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing the goodness (or badness) I’m uncorking, sauteeing, grilling, and poaching along with the characters doing the eating and drinking alongside me. Armed solely with an iPhone 4 sans instagram, the pictures might not always be pretty, (especially on the nights where wine-ing takes precedence to dining) but they’ll be real and filled with (mis) adventures and stories to go along with the heirloom tomatoes, shrimp spring rolls, and copious amounts of wine I’m ingesting so you don’t have to.

Here’s a peek of what I’ve been up to in preparation–Cheers!

IMG_0661-150x150     IMG_0402-150x150     IMG_0415-150x150

IMG_0417-150x150     IMG_0438-150x150     IMG_0485-150x150

IMG_0488-150x150     IMG_0593-150x150     IMG_0736-150x150

IMG_0737-150x150     IMG_0738-150x150     IMG_0789-150x150


  • September 3, 2012
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