What’s in My Glass? Moscato

Moscato is light, flirty, fresh, sweet, fruit-forward, and rarely serious.

A lot like this Laura girl I know.

A variant of the muscat grape, and grown virtually everywhere that grows wine (yes, even Azerbaijan) Moscato is characterized by floral aromas, citrus and apple flavors, and often a distinctive sweetness.

Did I mention it’s often lightly sparkling? The effervenscent nature of moscato (and especially Moscato d’Asti and other frizzante versions of the juice) make it an excellent brunch wine.  It’s juicy sweetness cuts through the saltiness of bacon and other morning meats, while acidity and bubbles slice through heavy, decadent sauces. Insert eggs benedict here.

Yes, I did take that bottle to bed with me.

Yes, I did take that bottle to bed with me.

If flirty, sweet, and alcoholic don’t describe your breakfast beverage of choice  Moscato also makes a fantastic cuddle buddy with a solid lineup of chick flicks. Especially because it pairs damn-near perfectly with creamy, delicious desserts like cheesecake with fresh fruit, strawberry shortcake, tiramisu and peach cobbler.

I received a few samples from Australian producer Jacob’s Creek, and was pleasantly surprised by the grapefruit flavors that characterized their classic sparkling Moscato.  This lightly alcoholic sparkler from Australia’s largest wine maker had a lovely floral aroma, and the combination of pear and grapefruit flavors added depth and balance to juice that was seriously sweet.

I sipped it with fresh apples, Iberico cheese, and sunset on the Hudson and wasn’t disappointed. Though it paired aptly with the picnic fare, fruity desserts would be my combination of choice for this juice, which I much preferred to the rosy-smelling (and colored) counterpart also produced by Jacob’s Creek.

Moscato fits right in with sugar, spice, and all things nice little girls are made of.  Though some brands have a distinct apple juice flavor, but I’d still refrain from feeding them to your little girl.

Moscato Uncorked:

Laura Loves: Sailing on the Ventura! BYO wine, picnic, party and see the quiet side of NYC.

Moscato’s average price and alcohol level are both low–a true wallet/liver win/win.

Fun Facts: 13 rappers have used Moscato in their lyrics since 2011.

2011 saw a 78% rise in Moscato sales.

It’s rumored that Moscato was served at King Midas’ funeral.


  • September 5, 2012
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