What Isn’t in My Glass!

Damn, drinking can get exhausting sometimes! Hence this post being mostly pictures of the totally awesome events where I spent last weekend, swirling, sipping and flirting my way into 2 pairs of sunglasses, 3 bottles of wine, way too much food, 2 anti-hangover beverages, and 3 new friends. Oh, plus a lovely couple who’s volunteered to pretend to be my parents in a pinch if mine can’t be around.

While swag snagging, I literally took a wine tour around the world–first as a volunteer for Second Glass’s Wine Riot NYC, and the Newport Mansions Food and Wine Festival as a lucky guest of Thirsty Girl. (Let me just say, anyone who’s into Gruner Veltliner and bubbly juice has a lot to look forward to on their liquor store shelves coming up.)

I slurped sneakily while volunteering at the Lexington Armory for Wine Riot, an annual event that aims to make wine more accessible and fun, all well getting a little tipsy.  A couple off-the-beaten-path products stood out by the end of the riot. First, Minionetto’s Spritz, a bright orange concoction of sparkling wine with orange bitters and herbs stood out as a super refreshing aperitif option.  Another newcomer, Charonge, debuted its combination of California chardonnay with a hint of orange.  Both were supremely quaffable and budget-friendly alternatives to the classic box of Pinot Grigio stuck in so many fridges.

In Newport, surrounded by Uuber-preps and old school money, the food nearly outdid the wine, with offerings like oysters on the half shell, Alaskan Salmon burgers with Asian Slaw & chipotle Aioli being served with views of the Atlantic on the side. Plus, Jacques Pepin himself made me some amazing Bistro-style chicken from his new book, and head Thirsty Girl Leslie S’Brocco was there to hang too!


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  • September 24, 2012
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