Wined and Dined: Lazy Days

I’m always looking for an excuse to shirk responsibility in exchange for wine. As it turns out, my token British friend with no family in the US gave me a perfect excuse–hopped up on the remnants of anesthesia from oral surgery, and with a hefty prescription for painkillers, she was in dire need of a babysitter.

Enter Laura.

With a crisp fall breeze blowing through Williamsburg, her outrageously painful surgery and stitches-induced liquid diet added to the fun by providing the perfect reason to hole up in pajama pants making soup and sipping vino .

Butternut squash soup was on the menu in accordance with  our fall obsession, and I fell in love with this super-simple recipe from the Food Network’s resident skinny hottie, Giada.  It was simple–9 ingredients–and combined my farmers market finds with just enough spice to make them sing.  It was less rich than other versions, but took just 45 minutes to go from whole squash to hearty, gorgeous soup.  Greek yogurt doubled as a garnish and perfect tart accompaniment to the thick orange broth.


Ravines Dry Riesling from the Fingerlakes NY, with its floral and tropical fruit flavors was good company for the creamy soup.  The tartness, as opposed to honeyed sweetness of non-dry Riesling, stopped the soup from feeling too thick on the palate–a reminder of why lean whites often pair well with rich soups, or dishes with fatty sauces.

Cheers to a weekday well-spent!



  • September 27, 2012
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