Super American Sunday

Happy Columbus Day All! Regardless of whether or not Christopher discovered this fine land, a Monday off is a fantastic reason for extra wine on a Sunday night.

A combination of freezing rain and exhaustion drove me to a Super American Sunday combination: California Cab, rich beef stew, and the NFL.

While the Patriots drove each other into the ground, my apartment was infused with aromas of beef, root vegetables, roasted garlic, and deeply fruity wine as the stew simmered away.

This time, the juice was Robert Mondavi Private Selection 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, from California’s Central Coast. I’d received this  a sample a few weeks ago and from atop my counter it had begged to be mixed with beef.

Like Columbus, the Mondavi family hailed from Italy, and the 46-year-old wine empire all came from the down-home winemaking techniques of Bobby’s parents. Now a major player in the American wine scene, Mondavi wines can be found damn near everywhere on this continent (and often for less than $20). Some critique them for being boring, or lacking individuality or craftsmanship, but I’ve had much worse when it comes to mass-produced wines, and found the bottles gifted to me were tasty, albeit not mind-blowing.

In my glass, the juice was dark and plummy with pleasant oakiness and accented the simple stew (which had been accented by a heavy pour of the Mondavi). This juice was rich and warming, and thoroughly gulp-able. It was a great mate for an inexpensive meal after a long day. After a few bowls and half a bottle, I was far from chilly. A day later, neither the wine nor the stew was worse for the wear.

Robert Mondavi Wines Uncorked:

Laura Loves: This article from Food & Wine magazine on picking wines for weekdays, weekends, and monthly splurges.

Watching the New England Patriots win from my warm couch.

These Sunflowers

These Sunflowers

Fun Facts: Opus One Wines are a joint-venture between Mondavi and the Rothschild family of Bordeaux–a partnership for “America’s first Ultra-Premium” wines.

The Central Coast AVA has over 90,000 acres of vines.

Robert Mondavi’s father emigrated here with $15 in his pocket. (And look at all the wine his kids got!)


  • October 9, 2012
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