Hurricane Happiness

Hello from the epicenter of Hurricane Sandy madness! Holed up inside my Zone B abode, with nothing but hurricane staples and a hefty dose of wine, some wonderful pairings have evolved. Read on for details on how to stay sane, satiated, and drink well through 12 foot storm surges and 115 mile winds.

The Staple: Cereal

The Pairing: Horse Heaven Hills Chardonnay

Yes, chardonnay goes with breakfast.  Horse Heaven Hills is a yummy, oak-ed up chardonnay with a full body and smile-inducing vanilla flavors.  I love it alongside Cap’n Crunch, or Frosted Mini Wheats and dried fruit.


The Staple:Canned Beef Stew or Chili

The Pairing: Wild Horse Cabernet Sauvignon

Being stuck inside for days on end is enough to turn anyone into a Wild Horse in need of taming–and with a bottle of this California Cab that can happen. This bold bottle reeked of cocoa and cloves on the nose, and had intense blackberry and raspberry flavors.  It’s the kind of juice that warms you up from the inside-out, a great mate for hearty, meat-driven soups and stews.


The staple: Canned Tuna or Sardines

The pairing: Ferrari Perlé

If you’re going to risk staying in an evacuation zone, or living near bodies of water you can’t put a price tag on your survival wine. The Ferrari Perlé is a fantastic Método Classico sparkling wine to toast the end of the world (or your favorite Atlantic City Boardwalk spot).  This bubbly is as complex as they come, with a creamy, buttery texture that melts in your mouth with sweet notes of vanilla and white chocolate.

The carbonation makes Perle perfect with canned seafood, especially oily fish like sardines–pile some onto crackers and you’ve got a cocktail party-worthy-appetizer, no electricity needed.


The Experiment: Soba noodles with Chili & Lime

Given, this dish is a mélange of available ingredients in my apartment tossed into a wok (noodles, leftover chicken, chili flakes, garlic, and lime), and you do need power (or a gas grill) to make it happen, but it was a pleasant surprise full of fresh, zippy flavors. Unlike the savory staples above, this was super-fresh–the hot chili and acidic lime juice were a perfect match for each other.

The Pairing: Big House The Birdman Pinot Grigio

Fresh and fruity, this juice was a nice complement to the spicy chili flakes in the noodles. Super quaffable and budget-friendly ($10) , this is a bottle you can stockpile for natural disasters and long days alike.

Hurricane Party Pairings Uncorked:

Laura Loves: The mini-vacation afforded me by Sandy–Thanks girl!

This article from Real Simple on hurricane staples.

Coffee shops with Wi-Fi, since Sandy wiped mine out.

Nerf gun battles over bottles when you’re trapped inside.

Fun Facts: In Australia, Hurricanes are called “Willie-Willies.”

Only three Category 5 hurricanes have hit the United States since the beginning of the 20th century.

China has been hit by more tropical cyclones than any other country, according to figures from the U.S. National Hurricane Center. (The US ranks fifth.)

Hurricane pairing in 140 Characters: Stock up+Get a flashlight+Keep your corkscrew handy+experiment+Drink up=Hurricane Happiness.

  • October 30, 2012
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