Ferrari, a Sparkling Gran Turismo

Ferrari is more than a car. In fact, Ferrari has branded itself as sleek, sexy, and over-the-top product since 1902–in a bottle full of bubbles.

You could say the carmaker took after winemaker Giulio Ferrari, since his sparkling wines debuted nearly 45 years before the first Gran Turismo ever hit the streets.

Inspired by the French Méthode Champenoise (read: the painstaking process of creating bubbles in already-bottled still wines) but stubbornly loyal to his Italian homeland, the original Ferrari  was determined to making world-class sparkling wines in the Trento D.O.C. in Northern Italy.


After sampling a whole bunch of Ferrari bubbles, I’d call the endeavor a success, but you don’t have to take my word for it.  The juice was also the official beverage of the 150th anniversary of the Mediterranean nation, and is consistently poured at Italian Presidential events and the World Cup.

The Ferrari Brut, their simple $25 sipper, reminded me of a candelit dinner conversation: a lovely apple/pear nose and a fresh flavor–a combination of that apple aroma and warm toast. Genial, without too much complexity or surprising flavors, this bottle could create a polite, delightful discourse with anything from appetizers (like prosciutto with melon) through a fresh dessert.

My personal favorite, Perlé,  means pearl and this signature bottle is just that–a gem.  It was creamy. It was rich. It had Oh-My-Gosh-So-Sexy hints of vanilla and white chocolate. It was essentially everything I look for in a monthly splurge bottle.  (And also one I might refuse to share.)


Naturally, the kings of Italian luxury in sparkling wine don’t just stop with Oh-My-Gosh-So-Sexy. With Giulio Ferrari 2001–their special vintage release that just sounds even sexier–Ferrari slams on the ‘Made in Italy’ gas pedal with a wine that’s fantastic, and with a $100 price tag reserves itself for truly special occasions. This baby packed serious flavor, and a beautiful slow finish into my flute. I’d serve it solo, and be prepared to wow guests with the fantastic combo of fruit and caramel flavors in this juice. Bellissimo. 

There’s tons of reasons to love sparkling wines–they pair well with nearly everything, taste great, and can present themselves in any number of flavors and colors. They’re great picks for parties (and for breakfast), no matter what the occasion.

Sometimes, you find a producer that stands out, and Ferrari is one of them. I loved these wines because they were celebratory without a hint of frivolity.  They’re splurges, but affordable splurges coming in at $100 and under . These wines were designed to be sparkling from the start, and the taste reflected the care someone clearly put into this label. (Oh, maybe say from being the 3rd generation of the family to show that Italy can kick butt on a French level in sparkling wine? Yeah, that would make me give a damn too.)

Ferrari Wines Uncorked:

Laura Loves: Perlé also comes in a delicious rosé version! (Nothing like a little pink.)

Drinking sparkling wine during hurricanes like Sandy.


The awesome Ferrari Cellar.

Fun Facts: Ferrari was the first producer to plant Chardonnay in Italy.

Ferrari wines has consistently received the prestigious Tre Bicchieri awards, Italy’s most prestigious wine accolade.

The Trento D.O.C.  is 942 Kilometers from Reims, France–the center of Champagne production.

A Tip For the Gentlemen: Keep a bottle of Brut in the fridge for unexpected ladies–style and the name will get you farther…Trust me.  (Or this guy. )


Photos courtesy of Gregory White PR.
  • November 5, 2012
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