Falling for Autumn, A Favorites List

Leaves are falling–and so are snowflakes–in NYC, and it’s been another great season! I’ve been staying super busy harvesting grapes, bottles of wine, and a whole lot more. Excited to share my favorite sips, spots, books, and all things wine that have been popping up here since September.


  1. Marcus Samuelsson’s Memoir, Yes, Chef.
  2. Broken Shed Vodka with fresh peaches.
  3. Squash Soup! (Ina Garten kills it with this recipe)
  4. This book by a great friend and fellow wine-lover–Cassavora County.
  5. Testing out stuffing recipes like this one.
  6. Corkbuzz Wine Bar.
  7. Post Officefor cocktails I could never make myself.
  8. Substituting sangria for mulled wine.
  9. Oysters in every fashion. (With a hefty pour of Muscadetor Bubbly like this one.)
  10. Wine Harvest Festivals!
  11. Full-bodied red wines like Wild Horse Cabernet Sauvignon that warm me up, and make me a smiley star!

Want to Uncork a little more? Photos and fun here.

  • November 14, 2012
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