Dare to Pair: Chardonnay & Combos

My new apartment not only came with female roommates who adore cleaning (Thank God), but also DVR and more cable channels than I could ever possibly count.  As a result, productivity in the house has taken a nose dive, and binge-watching  of Hoarders, The Voice, and the ever-thrilling My Life is a Lifetime Movie series is on the up.

Do I dare to pair wine with these episodes? Hell yes. If I’m going to be discovering how the Brides of Beverly Hills  get ready for the big day, or watch Kirsten Dunst play a pregnant 15 year-old in overalls, wine definitely needs to be involved.

TV Binge Daring Pairing I: Cheddar Cheese Combos + Broquel chardonnay.



Rich, ripe fruit flavors tinged with heavy butter & oak notes in this Argentine juice are the best pair I’ve yet found for the salty, crunchy, so-bad-they’re-good cheese-filled pretzel bites.

Both bag and bottle are no more.

Binge TV Pairing Uncorked:

Fun Facts: According to research from Deloitte, over 50% of American households have DVRs. (And it doesn’t effect TV advertising in the slightest!)

Things I learned from Lifetime: You should ask your fiance if he’s a spy for the Cuban government.

Don’t discount the suspicion that your next door neighbor leads a double life as a female pimp across the country.

Stay Tuned for: Dare to Pair: The Voice.

  • November 24, 2012
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