Dare to Pair: Lean Pockets & Riesling

Who says just because your dinner came from the microwave you can’t pair it with great wine? Certainly not this girl.

In fact, on nights when I’m relying on the freezer, chances are I’m in even more dire need than usual of a glass of the good stuff.

Hence this week’s daring pairing: Lean Pockets.

God knows touching regular hot pockets (and the 16 grams of saturated fat they pack) is a no-no, and with the advent of those cute crisping sleeves these bad boys qualify as delicious and significantly cheaper than a Panini from the deli down the street ($8.50 for barely melted cheddar? No, thank you.)

Using my busy schedule as an excuse, I put a few varieties to the test. And luckily my fridge was ready to supply the bottles necessary to discover pairing perfection. The results?

Ham & Cheddar Whole Grain Lean Pockets + Riesling.

Semi-sweet Hogue Riesling was luscious with the smooth, melty fake cheddar and chunks of salty ham in this crisper-sleeve winner.  Aromas of white flowers, fresh apples, and spice dominated the nose of this juice from Washington’s Columbia valley. Strong apple flavors on the slid across my palate, along with honey notes and a rich mouthfeel which turned turned two minutes worth of  microwave time into a croque monsieur-level experience.

Next time you’re in a jam for dinner try a pairing like this–they even have coupons for this stuff.



Lean Pocket Pairings Uncorked:


Laura Loves: Sipping wine with Lean Pockets while watching Bravo. Dinner and a show never got more budget-friendly.

Fun Facts: There are 187 varieties of the traditional Hot Pocket, including both breakfast and lunch / dinner varieties.

There are 120 calories in a 5 oz. serving of Riesling. This means that 1 Lean Pocket+ 1 glass of wine = 390 Calories. (The count goes up to 870 if you down the whole bottle, still a pittance compared to frozen margaritas.)

Lean Pocket Pairing Perfection: 

Chicken Parmesan Lean Pockets + Merlot (Fruity, but light enough not to overwhelm microscopic chicken bits, elegant Merlot takes these up a notch or seven.)

Pepperoni Pizza Lean Pockets + Barbera (Bright fruit and high acidity are perfect with the tomato sauce and spice here.)

Chipotle Chicken Lean Pockets + Albariño (Crisp and refreshing, the Chipotle spices are whisked off the palate in this combination.)



  • December 7, 2012
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