Bubbles Round Up 3: Heading Down Under

I’m squarely planted in the middle of white suburbia (Ahem, Western Massachusetts) to celebrate the holidays for the next week, and am happy to report that they have plenty of sparklers up here too.

This next bubbling bad boy comes courtesy of a friend who shared a very special sparkling red:McGuigan Black Label Sparkling Shiraz. Sparkling Shiraz isn’t a rarity in Australia, where the style is fairly common, but in the US these deep purple sparklers are rare but can be a great bargain (This one goes for $7.99).

This juice was the color of an amethyst and had gorgeous purple foam to go along with it. If I was surprised by the color, I was even more surprised by the flavor of this full-bodied bubbly.  It had bright flavors of blackberries and cassis, but with the tannic bite you’d expect from a still red wine instead of from a flirty sparkling wine.  Though McGuigan’s was certainly pleasant when we sipped it with dark chocolate covered cranberries, I think this juice would be best with a meaty meal, like grilled pork.

Oh, and check out this guy’s review.


  • December 22, 2012
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