Bubbles Round Up 4: Cheers, Miss Universe!

Last week’s #TGTaste–a monthly event put on by Thirsty Girl on Twitter–combined two of my favorite things: sparkling wine and ridiculous TV. For this Wednesday night Tweet Chat, sparkling wines from Washington State, Domaine Ste. Michelle were sipped and tweeted about with the winemaker and blog-o-sphere trendsetters while (at least in my house) Miss Universe hopefules paraded across the screen.

Normally I stick to wine, but when the opportunity arises to combine libations with the potential slips, trips, falls, and wardrobe malfunctions of globe-trotting beauty queens I am forced to multitask.

Plus, Domaine Ste. Michelle Brut Rosé was on the docket–and what says beauty and frivolity more than pink, sparkly wine?

(Answer: Nothing.)

I grabbed a few trusty girlfriends for the event, and we all enjoyed this Washinton State gem. Tart and refreshing (unlike Venezuela’s evening gown) this ballet slipper-hued juice was lovely. The wine had gentle aromas, with very pleasant berry and red fruit notes on the palate.


Really Venezuela? Horizontal Stripes?

Poised and elegant for an inexpensive bottle, but with surprises on the palate not unlike those popping out of Miss USA’s dress, Domaine Ste. Michelle Brut Rosé won the crown for most quaffable at a salad-filled girls’ night.



“And to think, I started on Toddlers and Tiaras!”

And Cheers to Miss Universe, the first American to win it in 15 years!

P.S. Domaine Ste. Michelle also generously gifted me a bottle of their Brut sparkling wine–more on those bubbles to come!



  • December 27, 2012
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