Atteca Après Ski

I understand why beer takes precedence over wine during certain events and holidays.

St. Patrick’s day? Ok, they don’t exactly make great wines in Ireland.

Super Bowl Parites? Ok, nobody would make it to the end of the game if we chugged kegs of wine

But Après Ski? Oh yes, an ice-cold beer sounds amazing after I’ve been going from soaking wet to icicle status on the “super speed glade quad” all day. (NOT)


Wine, on the other hand, especially a full-bodied, rustic red (like Bodegas Ateca Atteca Old Vine Garnacha) has all the warming qualities of a ski lodge, without the bloat-inducing carbonation of Coors Light.

Bodegas Ateca Atteca has a deep, nearly purple color, and a dizzying combination of ripe red fruit, spice, and chocolate aromas. Fresh and fruity in the mouth, this Spanish juice has a silky smooth finish and a full sexy body that lingers

If you don’t have your own lodge, complete with picturesque stone fireplace exposed beam ceilings and Atteca is the perfect beverage for a long, après ski thaw. (All you need is a glass…or a Pepsi cup if you pull a BYOB at the  lodge.)

Après Ski Wine Uncorked:

Laura Loves: A roaring fire to accompany wines post-skiing.

Making snow angels.

Fun Facts: Garnacha is the world’s most widely planted red grape.

Harry Egger set a world speed-skiing record in 1999 of 154 miles per hour.

  • January 14, 2013
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