Dare to Pair: Donut Edition

Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day All! The only traditional thing about my celebration yesterday was a green shirt and the single shot of whiskey that sent me straight to sleep around 5 pm.

More exciting was the chance to pair Gavi, a wine made in Northern Italy from a grape of the same name, with a variety of donuts at a brunch filled with Brooklyn wine geeks. Mocked by some and applauded by others, my experiment was absolutely decadent and wildly satisfying.

The donuts came from Dough, an “artisanal” donut shop in Bed-Stuy known for crazy flavors and crack-like donuts that will add inches to your waist before you’ve even chosen a flavor. (Though the Hibiscus flavor is suprisingly light.)

The wine was an impulse purchase from Vine, a new store where I’ve just started working and where I can’t wait to keep  learning about what’s on the shelves.

The store described it like this:



They were pretty much right on the rock licking note. The finish on this golden-hued juice reminded me of a riverbed on a cloudy day–pure, clean, and distinctly gray. (Yes, flavors do have color correspondents.)

Surprisingly, this was an awesome flavor when coupled with a simple, sugar-dusted donut. The uuber-sweet, decadent donut was suddenly elevated and more like a fancy pastry when combined with a sip  of (or dip into) the Gavi. The river bed minerality and acidity in the wine kept things light and lovely–allowing us to eat far more donuts than necessary…



  1. Dip.


  1. Devour. #NotFlatteringButReal


  1. Have a comparative Bacon Tasting.


  • March 18, 2013
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