Rosé & Writers’ Block

The flu, antibiotics, March Madness, and the ridiculous pace of life in NYC has given me a serious case of writers’ block. A 3-week long block. It’s been strange, but luckily tons of rosé have descended upon the city and I’ve been heavily researching in hopes of finding some inspiration with the colors and flavors pink has to offer.


I started with the classics. In this case, that meant Wolffer Estates rosé table wine–a blend from the rosé-chugging Hamptons. This is your traditional rose is every way, with strawberry flavors and a ton of freshness.  It would be perfect poolside, in-pool, or at a rooftop pool party. Also with eggs-benedict or other extravagant brunch foods.


And then, in my bubble-loving tradition, I moved on to Ana de Cordoniu Rosé Cava.  This one is a  fantastically acidic and fresh combination of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Spain. Super refreshing, with flirty bubbles and a zippy bright finish that makes it perfect for girls’ nights with lots of finger food.

And then jumping into the funky, offbeat rosé trend I hopped on the cork-free train with Moussamoussettes, a totally different (and amazingly chuggable) pink sparkler. From the Loire, this salmon-hued wine is peachy, yeasty, and reminds me of a raspberry/orange creamsicle in wine form. Delicious with a turkey panini, and not with mustard, but still generally fantastic.

I think after six (or ten) more bottles this terrible writer’s block should be cured.  Until then, Cheers!


Rosé Uncorked:


Laura Loves: Light, fresh rosé wines during brunch and picnics.

The occasional aged rosé, like the ones from Chene Bleu in the Southern Rhone.

Fun Facts: Rosé is a super food wine, perfect for potluck pairings.

Rosés are sometimes made by blending red and white wines together.

While Provencal Rosé dominates the import market, nearly every region produces rosé wines.

Rosé Production in 140 Characters: Squish red grapes. Whisk away color-inducing skins after hours or days. Ferment as usual. Drink. Often and with friends.

  • April 8, 2013
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