Dare to Pair: Popcorn Party

Some days–substances aside–you just have the munchies. Everyone knows the munchies are the worst because unless you’re actively munching, all you can think about are your munchies.

So today, in an effort to munch, eat (and drink) while staying relatively slender, I decided to take the air-popped American classic of Popcorn and dive into my wine fridge. Several hours later, these were the results.


The Popcorn: Chili Lime

The Wine: Albariño

The Why: This white Spanish grape is known for being super crisp and citrusy and Don Olegario 2011 Albariño completely fits that description.  With great peachy aromatics and fresh, ripe fruit flavors it tempered the spiciness of the chili powder, and the smooth finish rounded everything out. The combo was downright scrumptious. (And a bargain since popcorn is 69 cents a bag and the wine coming in around $17.)

The Popcorn: Parmesan dusted

The Wine: Chardonnay

The Why: Ohh Chardonnay, how your warm and buttery flavors envelop my popcorn munchies like a hug from a plump and smiling nanny.  Yes, that’s how I feel when combining popcorn and Bleecker Chardonnay of California. The buttery, oaky notes of this apple-scented juice are great complements against salty, slightly melted Parmesan cheese. (Chardonnay is also great with classic buttered and salted popcorn for the same reasons!)

The Popcorn: Nutella/Whatever nutty chocolate spread you can find

The Wine: PORT

The Why: Sweet & Nutty popcorn deserves an equally sweet and nutty wine, and Port fits the bill perfectly. I was lucky enough to have a few drops of Fonseca 1985 hanging around, and the combination was totally awesome. Think dried and cooked fruits mixed with honey, and walnuts with a lingering “damn there’s alcohol in this” finish. Toss back another handful of gloriously drizzled popcorn and your port won’t be long for this world.  (And if you don’t have some old Vintage port around, a good ruby will yield a similar mouth-gasm.)

Popcorn Pairing Uncorked:


Laura Loves: These extremely daring popcorn pairings from Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson (Wasabi Popcorn & Riesling, anyone?)

The fact that this Popcorn Blog exists.

Summertime as an excuse to have wine picnics outside all day, everyday.

Fun Facts: Popcorn Kernels can pop up to 3 feet in the air.

Americans consume 16 billion quarts of this whole grain. That’s 51 quarts per man, woman, and child annually according to Popcorn.org.

Of the six main types of maize grown, only 1 type pops.

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