Chowing Down @ Boston Chops

NYC is a funny city. Everyone loves it, but everyone is also always planning an escape from the constant sirens and fancy food places that abound in our 5 tightly packed boroughs.

A few weeks ago I managed to make my escape a reality and headed North to Boston, where I discovered some seriously sensational steak and drinks to match at one of B-Town’s new hotspots,Boston Chops.


The steakhouse opened to rave reviews and after much anticipation as the 3rd restaurant from Chris Coombs, who made Forbes 30 under 30 list of Food and Wine mavens this year.

After sliding out of the sun and onto leather bar stools, oysters and cocktails arrived promptly and got this evening started right. The Pamplemousse, a combination of super-sweet grapefruit and sparkling wine was delicate and light. On the flip side the Slow Burn, essentially a jalapeño and cucumber margarita, had just enough kick to conceal a hefty dose of tequila. (Read: these suckers are dangerous).


He’s Single…

Post aperitif, it was time for wine. After several generous taste pours, we ended up sipping the Seven Falls 2010 Merlotfrom Wahluke, Washington.  This dark juice was exactly what our tender and rare hangar steak needed–aromas of dark fruit and cinnamon combined with flavors of cherry and oak. Overall, this wine was like a well-crafted mahogany armoire: Smooth, polished and dominant in any room without being overbearing or ostentatious.

Enough Said...

Enough Said…

And when you’re eating a fancy-pants steak (which comes with a personal French fry waiter at Boston Chops) alongside pork belly mac and cheese, you certainly don’t want an ostentatious wine. Our steak was cooked so evenly, you’d think they did it sous-vide. Topped with the Chops steak sauce (A-1 on steroids) food-gasmic combinations happened (think: matching end tables to go with that armoire).

This wasn’t your spiced up Kraft ooey-gooey variety of mac and cheese. Instead, it’s cheese flavor was drier–still decadent but not overly so, and definitely highlighted the crispy pork belly plopped in its center. A perfect dose of extravagance sized to share.

Let’s put it this way, if I lived near this place I’d never be eating Tofu.

Boston Chops Uncorked:



Laura Loves: Finding mac and cheese on nearly every restaurant menu.

This article in the Boston Globe on the Steak house’s fare.

How these Boston Chops’ napkin rings look like some type of freaky cuff.

Fun Facts: The restaurant refers to itself as an “Urban Steak Bistro.” (How Chic.)


Bad Ass Bone Marrow

Bad Ass Bone Marrow

The menu has an entire section called “Rarely Appreciated,” where everything from bone marrow (F-ing fantastic) to Oxtail croquettes are offered.

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  • May 31, 2013
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