What’s in My Glass? Sunshine

Let’s face it, summer sun often demands wholly different wines than snowflakes. And it isn’t always rosé. This week, while tanning in NYC style (read: on a rooftop) my thirsty was happily quenched by the wine equivalent of sunshine: Vinho Verde.

This characteristically light juice hails from the Minho region of Northern Portugal, and is typically fresh, lightly sparkling, low-alchol, and low-budget. (Think: $10 bottles.) Though the name literally translates to green wine, Vinho Verde can be red, white, or rosé and the name actually refers to the age of the wine. Generally, Vinho Verde should be consumed within a year of bottling.  (This rarely seems to a problem…)

The Anjos Vinho Verde (one of said $10 bottles) is the picture of classic Vinho Verde sunshine, yellow bottle notwithstanding. It’s effervescent, it’s light, it’s citrusy, it’s delicious, and at 7.5 ABV you can drink it on the beach/roof/pool deck all day without falling over. It’s a fantastic daytime wine, that’s easy to enjoy and pair with everything from chicken to popsicles.

Make sure to put on sunscreen kids. Cheers!

  • June 17, 2013
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