Wined and Dined: Chilled Pasta with Dill

It’s just too damn hot out to really cook anything right now.  Enter Chilled Pasta with White Beans and Dill.

This recipe came together as part of my end-of-month fridge cleaning spree, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only was the dish fresh, light, and (most importantly) cold, but the dill and sweet snap peas kept this salad far from ordinary.

The picture pretty much says it all–fresh young garlic, chopped snap peas, a can of cannellini beans, pasta, with a handful of dill and olive oil. Refrigerate. Enjoy.


And to top it off, this was an amazing combo with Domaine Combier 2010 “La Barnaudiere” Saint-Véran.  Made from Chardonnay in the Maconnais sub-region of Burgundy, this juice is a true gem.  At roughly $30, this white wasn’t cheap, but it was worth the cash for the rich mouthfeel and and amazing hints of caramel, spice, and sweet tropical fruits it delivered on the palate.  This is a wine that fully delivers all the “big hug” feeling of a hearty red with the freshness of a light white.

With the dill, it was awesome. Because the Domaine Combier had heavy, lush flavors and good body, it was able to stand alongside this aromatic herb. The fruity notes and acidity helped keep the combination from feeling too heavy. (It’s bikini season after all.)  Bite for bite and sip for sip this combo was a perfect summer meal.


Dill Pairing Uncorked:

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This helpful wine and herb pairing chart:


That the Domaine Combier was still delicious two days after being opened.

This wine fun fact video, where Andrea is surrounded by bottles larger than her.

Fun Facts: Dill stimulates lactation in mothers, and is often given to cows for this reason.

Burgundy was one of the world’s earliest fine wine regions, with regulations regarding quality first stated in 1395.

  • June 25, 2013
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