What’s in My Glass? More Rosé

There’s so much rosé around right now I could take a bath in it.

Luckily, rosé is a freaking versatile style of wine with examples coming from pretty much every wine-growing region in the world, from every grape imaginable, and in every shade of red/coral/salmon/pink you could imagine. (recall, the Crayola Experiment could not fully classify this spectrum.)

The versatility of flavors and styles available in the $20 range is a big reason I love rosé. It’s refreshing, food-friendly, and good on the wallet.  From France, California, or New York there really is a rosé for every day of the week.

Monday: Clos La Chance 2012 Dry Rosé

This perky California puppy is bright pink and strawberry scented. Light and bright, with a lovely grapefruit finish, it’s a perfect afterwork pick-me-up, especially after a long Monday. At $15/bottle it feels just as good for your wallet as it does on the palate.


Tuesday: Ravines 2012 Pinot Rosé

From New York’s Finger Lakes region, this soft pink wine has aromas of bright red berries and lavender.  Ripe cherry and stony mineral flavors (think: smooth stones in a riverbed) dominate the palate. It was totally delicious with grilled pork and veggies on a quiet Tuesday last week.


Wednesday: Chateau Valcombe 2012 Epicure Rosé

This juice hails from a tiny area of Southern France called Ventoux, and has been my go-to hump-day wine all season.  It’s gorgeous salmon color combines with hints of funky herbs and blood orange on the nose, and has great juicy blood orange and mineral flavors. It’s crisp finish makes it great with bright summer salads and quick mid-week meals.

Thursday: Bow and Arrow Gamay Rosé

Thirsty Thursday always gets me, and this juicy California rosé goes down easy every time. It has great herbal aromas, a gorgeous color, and a happy round mouthfeel. It’s super tasty alone and and plays well with others.


Friday: Rosa Rosé Rosan 2012

Surviving another week means one thing: Celebration. Enter this happy-go-lucky raspberry-Brioche scented gem of a wine. From Rose Rosa Rosan of France, this naturally sparkling wine only needs a bottle opener to get the party started.


I-Need-Something-Amazing-Right-Now-Day: La Clarine Farm 2012 Rosé

This blend from the Sierra Foothills is so much more than your average rosé.  It’s almost orange in color and slightly cloudy as a result of natural winemaking practices (i.e. these grapes do all the work transforming from happy Syrah and Mourvedre berries into a complex and chewy wine). Cheesy funk, stone, and bright berries on the nose give way to ripe orange flavors and tons of spice. This wine is like stumbling upon a mountain blueberry patch on a hot day. Awesome.

  • June 28, 2013
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