The Perfect Wine Spritzer

I used to think a wine spritzer was just White Zin and Ginger Ale. Clearly, I was wrong.

There are “About 464,000” posts on “The Perfect Wine Spritzer” according to Google, with ingredients ranging from lemons to bacon combined with any and every wine imaginable.

And here I was looking for a simple twist on a Blood Orange Fizz recipe I’d received alongside Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Pinot Grigio. This white was the definition of an easy-drinking, agreeable, affordable white wine. Simple, clean citrus flavor and an easy finish made it a great companion for the medley of add-ins we dropped into our glasses.

In the causal, 11-am experiment at the Bachelorette Pad, we tested a mélange of berries, peaches, and plums (sometimes muddled) mixed with the Pinot Grigio and club soda. Our favorite combinations were blueberry with white peaches, and plum.

Tasty, lightly fruity, refreshing and bubbly. (And low-enough alcohol to drink at breakfast).

Long story short, the “Perfect Wine Spritzer” is what you make it. Use red wine, white wine, green wine, delicious wine. Muddle or don’t muddle for more or less fresh fruit flavor. Toss in a little mint or basil if you’ve got it. Use sparkling lemonade instead of seltzer. Enter: the spritzer of your dreams.  Voilà the method behind the magic.


Get some wine glasses filled with fruit.


Line them up to look pretty.


Fill with wine and club soda and enjoy liberally!



  • July 2, 2013
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