Wined and Dined: Breakfast of Champions

Some people still think Wheaties are the breakfast of champions.  Apologies to General Mills, but real champions drink Riesling in the morning.

Not only does this lovely, delicate white grape variety have amazing acidity that cuts through the salty/fatty flavor profile of most breakfast meats, but the combination of fruit flavors and delicate floral aromas meld well with other breakfast staples like rich egg yolks and savory veggie sides. Riesling is the grape version of  Natalie Coughlin: pretty, elegant, cheerful…and a 12-time Olympic Gold Medalist. Champ status.

Post-workout last week, I was feeling like a champ, and popped open Helfrich 2011 Grand Cru Riesling to accompany my protein boost.  Alongside runny eggs, crispy Prosciutto di Parma, and sauteed spinach this Alsatian white broke pairing records.

Light and golden in color, Helfrich had fantastic aromas of white flowers, ripe pineapple, and pepper. I could use a string of adjectives like that to describe the flavors as well, but I think the note I wrote–“DAMN TASTY”–pretty much sums things up.  A rich and luxurious mouthfeel rounded everything out, and kept me reaching back for more with every eggy bite.

By the time I’d finished breakfast, the wine was gone, and my water glass was full. Champ status.

Alsatian Riesling Uncorked:

Laura Loves: All things Alsatian! (This tiny region is Northeast France has quant villages, amazing Quiche Lorraine, and a truly unique wine history.)

Summer of Riesling! (And Riesling tattoos like this one.)

Helfrich Gewurztraminer, which is similar in style to the Riesling but with great black pepper notes on the palate and is a perfect pairing for sweet and sour dishes.

Fun Facts: Riesling has been being cultivated continuously since 1435, when it began being planted by a German duke.

The Helfrich family has been making wine in Alsace for six generations.

Breakfast in 140 Characters: Bacon <3 Riesling. And so do eggs, Hollandaise, and Champions. Best meal of the day.


  • July 10, 2013
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