What Wine are You?

When I’m not chilling out on the blog-o-sphere, I’m often chilling out working hard at Vine Wine in Brooklyn, where people often proclaim, “The Description on this bottle sold me!” That makes me happier than a bottle of freshly opened Champagne, especially since writing an accurate, and interesting wine description is no easy feat.

Too often, it’s easy to copy the bottle’s back label, or call yet another Pinot Noir “twiggy and rough with a silken finish,” but how often does anyone really eat twigs?

Sometimes, it helps to think of wines as people–fresh, and bubbly; big and domineering; round and warm. Or, after tasting all of these, it can be fun to flip things around and turn people into wines.

Which is exactly what we did.

IMG_1890-163x300     IMG_1887-132x300

IMG_18851-170x300   IMG_1886-220x300

IMG_1888-164x300     IMG_1889-226x300


What would your tag say?


  • August 6, 2013
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