What’s in My Glass? PX & Sunsets

It’s not everyday that you get the chance to sail across New York Harbor under a full moon, and it’s not everyday you find the Pedro Ximenez grape outside of Sherry.

In a welcome toast to fall and my return to NYC, I put the two together this week aboard the good ship Ventura. This 100-year-old sailboat (where I occasionally double as sommelier/deck hand) is full of charm and character, just like the Equipos Navazos 2011 Pedro Ximenez we sipped.


Affectionately referred to as PX, this Spanish grape is super light and low acid, with nutty and orange flavors. Usually, the grape makes its way into sweet Sherries from the Jerez region of Spain.

In this pale, yellow, un-fortified version, hints of the same orange flavors were present, alongside lemon and lime zest and a splash of salty minerality. Yummy. Refreshing. And a damn good match with crudités and sunsets. (Ok, and seafood too.)


PS For more on the Ventura and how to get your sunset sail on, click here!


  • September 20, 2013
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