What’s in My Glass? Saint-Joseph

No, no, there is not a small statue of a saint in my wine glass this week. What’s actually there (coincidentally called Saint-Joseph) is a dark, inky-hued and full-bodied Syrah from France.

Saint-Joseph is the second largest appellation (read: wine growing area) in France’s Northern Rhone region, and is well-known for their savory Syrah-based red wines. This is one of the few regions where red and white wines are blended together,  and Saint-Joseph Syrah is can be supplemented with up to 10% white wine (from certain grapes) which gives the wines a certain lightness and finesse.

I was more than pleasantly surprised by the delicious complexity of  Chante-Perdrix 2007 Saint-Joseph. Practically black in color, this Syrah (aka Shiraz) had intense aromas of black olives, smoked meat, and crushed green herbs like basil and sage.  Just as many adjectives could be used to describe the taste of this juice with everything from dark black currants to plums, more olives, blackberries and lush green herbs popping up in my head as I sipped . A long, mineral-meets-black currant finish made me wish the bottle was bigger.

Overall, this bad boy was awesome, and I’d recommend keeping an eye out for Saint-Joseph next time you’re looking for a full-bodied bottle of yum. It’s a classic that’s reliable and a good value, and amazing with duck. What’s not to love?

  • November 4, 2013
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