My Favorite New Toy

I think it’s sad how quickly the joy of new toys disappears as soon as Christmas is over and the rush to New Year’s Eve begins. Luckily if you work in retail, the holiday season is far too busy to appreciate said fantastic toys and as a result the joy lasts longer during the bleak days of January. Right now, I’m finally finding the time to love my favorite new toy: The Wine Lover’s Coloring Book.

This book is so much more than pictures of wine bottles. The equivalent of an anatomy book for nursing students, this 50-page gem is filled with with maps of the world’s wine region, and a veritable boatload of pertinent details on the world’s premier wine regions (The main grape in Barossa Valley? Shiraz. The highest quality level in Austria? Qualitatswein.). Plus, who doesn’t love to color?

Wine study says fun with this book. I’m just sad that I’ve already filled in 10 pages.


Generally, I like to pair my coloring with a wine from the region I’ve chosen to attack for the day with my Crayola  10-pack of pencils but at the moment I’m absolutely obsessed with Domaine Montbourgeau Cremant de Jura. The equivalent of Champagne, but from France’s mountainous Jura region as opposed to the chalky vineyards of Champagne, this bubbly is a totally unique experience.
As my good friend Kellsye says, “If Love had a flavor, this would be it.” And that’s the damn truth. This sparkling wine from the mountainous Jura region of France is 100% Chardonnay and 100% toasty/yeasty/baked golden apple goodness. Persistent bubbles keep these big flavors refreshing–even with heavy foods like fried chicken. (So refreshing our boss at Vine Wine hid a case to make it last longer…)

Interesting maps and interesting wine–who can say no to that?! It’s playtime!



  • January 17, 2014
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