What’s in My Glass? Vouvray

I totally love Scarlett Johansson, SodaStream controversy or not.  And I’m happy to report I’ve finally found the vinous equivalent of her curvy, sexy, nice-girl-whose-not-so-nice self: Vouvray.

Vouvray is a French wine from the Loire Valley that’s named after the town where the grapes are grown. In this tiny village (not far from Chinon), white wines made from Chenin Blanc are the stars. For a locale that’s less than 8 square miles, this place makes some serious wine. Sparkling, sweet, dry–you name it, they make it from Chenin Blanc.

Because the Loire is chilly, these wines have tooth-enamel-ripping acid (read: they make you pucker like unsweetened lemonade) and lots of citrusy flavors. Done right, this can be an absolute pleasure. In sweet wines, the acid also balances out the sugar in the wine, so they’re delicious instead of cloying and sticky.

But back to Scarlett. Monmousseau Ammonite Vouvray Sec is Scarlett’s wine. The Ammonite is totally dry, with aromas of lemon zest, almonds, gardenias and a hint of flinty minerality. On the palate, it’s got a fantastic richness yet manages to feel light, with tons of sweet citrus flavors and a dash of banana–lemon meringue pie in a glass.


All the good, with a hint of bad.  Happy to say I bought three.

Vouvray Uncorked:

Laura Loves: Domaine Champalou Vouvray for a salty, mineral-driven and bubbly Vouvray. (aka The Wine That Pairs with Everything).

Scar Jo in the Captain America movie.

Fun Facts: 13 million bottles of Vouvray are produced annually.

Vouvray was the first region in the Loire Valley to receive AOC status in 1936.

Perfect Pairings: Camembert

Poultry in cream sauces (Ahem, chicken pot pie)

Delicate white fish



  • February 10, 2014
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