What’s in My Glass? Single-Serve Chardonnay


I’m a sucker for pocket-sized wine. Or any-sized wine that’s easy to carry (and open) in parks, at concerts, or sporting events where bottles  are generally off-limits.

It was this love affair that compelled me to pick up a plastic “glass” of Copa di Vino Chardonnay atChelsea Wine Vault back in September. At just 180mL (roughly six ounces, or a large glass), it’s more purse-sized than pocket-sized but being resealable makes up for that, in my opinion.

Simply labelled “American Chardonnay,” this juice was surprisingly tasty. A creamy mouthfeel and loads of golden apple flavors tinged with citrus kept the Copa refreshing, and made me wish I was drinking it in a park with a bowl of chicken salad or a hunk of sharp cheddar.



Copa di Vino vs. Riedel Glass vs. Bottle

The only odd part of this drinking experience was attempting to swirl and smell wine from a nearly-overflowing plastic goblet(?)  cup. In a wine glass, the aromas lit up–positively reeking of white flowers, vanilla, and citrus.

For $5, I’ll take some muted aromas and toss a glass (or five) right into my purse. Disappointment won’t be joining us.

Single Serving Wine Uncorked:

Laura Loves: This article on taste, and just how easy it is to trick ourselves.

Reusing the cup and lid for snacks like trail mix.

DIY single-serving wines from Wine Folly.

Fun Facts: The inventor of Copa di Vino was on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank twice, and both times walked away without a deal.

Major League Baseball stadiums are now carrying single-serving wines from Zipz.

  • October 15, 2014
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