A Wine for Waking Up

When you have two jobs, two pets, work 7 days a week, and have a house to take care of, mediocre wines simply disintegrate into the endless hours, days, laundry piles, and to-do lists.

These are times that call for better wines!

This week, I was jolted back to reality awake by  Viña Zaco 2012 Rioja. The bold, purple juice was downright sexy–like a Spaniard in a half-unbuttoned shirt, rippling pectorals exposed. Loads of blackberry and plum flavors dominated the fruity stunner, while its floral aromas kept me alert as I sipped and sipped and sipped.

From the northermost section of Rioja, Rioja Alta, this Tempranillo was oaked for a quick nine months, allowing it to retain more fruity flavor, (like a teenage Spaniard in a half-unbuttoned shirt, perhaps holding a kitten) which makes the vino an easy to pair with red meat dishes, many mild cheeses, or even chicken.

Alongside rare beef and sinus-clearing horseradish, this wine woke up the whole house, even without a half-naked Spaniard.

Rioja Uncorked:

Laura Loves: Bold red wines like Rioja after a long day.

Shadows in the Vineyard by Maximillian Potter, for a juicy, true story of vineyard blackmail. (Also excellent with a hearty red on the side.)

Viña Zaco retails for just $15!

Fun Facts: Spanish wines are labelled based on age, and making youngsters like Zaco “Consecha.” Check the back of bottles for a sticker indicating the aging treatment.

The use of oak in Rioja started in 1780, after Don Manuel Quintano visited Bordeaux.

Español for Dummies: 

I like this wine! = Me gusta este vino!

This is terrible! = Este vino es terribile!

Another bottle for the table please. = Uno mas por la mesa. 

  • January 19, 2015
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