On Keeping Resolutions the Sparkly Way

I’ve always been a fan of drinking sparkling wine at all times–good, bad, indifferent, or awful. This year, in an effort to craft better New Year’s Resolutions I made a simple one: Drink WAY more sparkling wine. Drink it weekly, at least.


Naturally there’s a band of  sparkling enthusiasts who feel the same way, but I’ve recently discovered a producer who champions bubbles as an everyday drink instead of heralding the effervescent juice for special occasions.

Enter Evolution sparkling wine, an off-dry, Granny Smith-scented juice that’s great with eggs benedict or chicken fingers. And it’s not just me pushing the low-brow pairings this time–the Evolution label actually has high-brow/low-brow pairing ideas with PICTURES. Yes, that’s right, these bubbles want you to drink them all the time. Made from a blend of almost all the white grapes that grow in Oregon, Evolution is extremely aromatic, with great apple and pear flavors on the palate. Think: Sunset on a balcony, great music, and pretty people.


Week 2 of  January was dedicated to local wines, in this case Wilderotter Blanc de Noirs, a Pinot Noir sparkler from Amador County, California. Where Evolution offered eclectic varieties and straight up fun, Wilderotter offered classic elegance.  Super floral on the nose, this juice was like an orchard in bloom with gorgeous peach and apricot flavors. Think: Doppled sunshine on a grassy field, wild flowers, and holding hands.


And finally,  something classic and inexpensive: Cava.  Made in the traditional style of Champagne, Cava is Spanish bubbly from the Penedes region just outside Barcelona. The Mas Fi was a sassy bottle and a stunner with Saturday morning brunch.  A happy mélange of citrus flavors dominated the palate–ruby red grapefruit, juicy oranges, and lemon zest–like Halls Tropical Vitamin C drops, except way better. Think: Toes in the sand, orange blossoms, and bright red lipstick.

Needless to say, I’m feeling good about 2015.

Bubbly Uncorked:

Laura Loves: Pet Nat like Mossamoussettes for an earthy, hippie take on sparkling.

Calling Champagne “Champers” in fancy restaurants to see the waiters’ faces change.

Fun Facts: There are two ways to make sparkling wine, the Charmant method used for Prosecco and the Traditional Method used in Champagne, Cava, and other fancy sparklers.

Marilyn Monroe once bathed in Champagne, and it allegedly took 350 bottles to fill her bathtub.


  • January 28, 2015
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