Springtime in the Vineyard

It’s alive! The vineyards of California, that is.  Temperatures in the Golden State have been soaring above springtime averages, and vines across the state are waking up from their not-so-long winter naps.

Surprisingly, vines are more similar to fruit and deciduous trees than other types of climbing plants because they go through a cycle of dormancy–discarding all signs of life in the fall before hibernating through winter, and then waking up green and happy in mid-spring.

What I like to call THE AWAKENING, most vineyard experts call “bud break,” but regardless  it’s a gorgeous time of year.


The beginning of a tiny bud on an infant Cabernet Franc vine.


Warmed up by the sun, the buds turn green and start to open up.


TA-DAHHH! Little leaves start making sun into food, having eaten all of the roots’ sugar reserves.


  • March 30, 2015
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