What’s in My Glass? Well, it’s a can.

Glass wine bottles poolside? No thanks. Tailgating with bottles? Bad form. Boxed wine at a picnic? Not Instagram-worthy.

Enter everyone’s favorite beverage container: the aluminum can. Not only portable and recyclable, but reliable and cheap since their invention in the 1930s! Shockingly, canned wine is relatively new to the market.

Generally, worries around canned wine center on metallic flavors leaching into the juice. Thanks to waxy or plastic liners, this isn’t the issue–it’s marketing to wine lovers deeply committed to bottles and corks.  Regardless, canned wine and creative single serve wines are on the rise, so I decided to give some a try this week.

First in my line up, was Sofia Blanc des Blancs, a sparkling wine from Francis Ford Coppola winery, which I discovered at Whole Foods. For $4, and a sparkly pink can who wouldn’t try it?

I’m sure that’s what most people think when they pick up a can of Sofia, because once you start sipping it, it’s more like peach soda than wine.  Sweet and fruity, I could see it going well with a cheese-dominant picnic spread, but I’d rather use it as a cocktail ingredient with the sweetness toned down by a hefty dose of vodka.

Next up, Field Recordings Fiction Red Blend. Now this is a can for drinkers. Unlike most 375mL cans, this tall boy has a full 2/3 of a bottle inside.

This blend hails from California’s sunny central coast, and combines a smattering of red grapes for a wine that’s full-bodied, fruity, and definitely chuggable.  Tons of plum and blueberry aromas plus a hefty dose of smokiness on the nose led to a smooth and thoroughly enjoyable palate.  After my first sip, I threw this bad boy in the fridge and was even more pleased.  In my dreams, cans of Fiction are interspersed with Coors Light in coolers at barbeques everywhere.

The only problem I had with both wines was that the taste differed from the can/straw versus a wide-bowled glass. I love smelling wine, and when you’re  sipping from a can, that part of the sensory pleasure disappears. Neither wine tasted like aluminum, but the flavors in each were seriously muted.

When I go camping, I’ll be bringing the Fiction…and a plastic wineglass too.

Canned Wine Uncorked:

Laura Loves: This article on Snooth with tons of canned wine fun facts.

Underwood Wine Co.’s attitude toward canned wine #pinkiesdown.

Fun Facts: 475 billion aluminum cans are produced each year.

Cans weigh roughly ten percent as much as a bottle, making shipping cans far cheaper than bottles.


  • April 21, 2015
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