What’s In My Glass? Schiava

There’s a time and place for sauce-smothered ribs, pulled pork, greasy hot dogs and bacon-laden cheeseburgers.

There’s also a time for salad, grilled vegetables, tabouleh, and fresh peaches.

That time is summer.

I find it amusing and ironic that the season of farmstands, freshness and bikinis is the same as the one for artery-clogging BBQ, and other fare that will turn any six-pack into a pillow.

In an effort to go light after our flaming pizza binge last week, I swapped bacon for broccoli and started searching for the vinous equivalent to salad.

I found it in Schiava. Schiava (SKI-ahh-Vuh), a light, floral red from Italy, is not the Caesar salad of wines. Nor is it of the slightly-wilted-pre-bagged salad variety. Schiava, with its tart fruit flavors and floral aromas is the mango shrimp salad or grilled panzanella salad of wines–exciting, flavorful, and dynamic.

It’s not surprising that an exciting red would come from Alto Adige, the pocket of Northeastern Italy where street signs are written in both German and Italian, and where celebrities like George Clooney keep their summer homes. Surrounded by the Alps and Dolomites, this mountainous region borders Austria and Switzerland, and is famous for light, spicy reds and unique white wines.

We sampled the St. Pauls Passion Vernatsch, and its smooth vanilla flavors were tinged with cherry and spice–like sun-kissed cheeks after a day at the beach–and the juice was fantastic with grilled veggies drizzled with balsamic.


Schiava Uncorked:

Laura Loves: Serving Schiava slightly chilled à la Beaujoulais.

Pairing heftier Alto Adige wines with the aforementioned heavy summer fare. (Like Bacon Cheeseburgers)

Fun Facts: Schiava is also called Vernatsch.

Schiava literally means “slave girl,” and refers to how easily the grape can be manipulated in the winery while still appearing “delicate.”


Dare to Pair: Schiava + Grilled Peaches + Arugula

Schiava + BBQ Pringles

Schiava + Cheddar Cheese Goldfish Crackers


  • June 26, 2015
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