What’s in My Glass? Vermentino

It’s sweaty and damn smokey in the lower Sierra Nevada right now, making red wines nearly impossible to stomach, but luckily making white wines perfectly delicious. This week, I was pleasantly surprised by the crisp and lively Amador County Vermentino from Simone Giusto Cellars.

Vermentino is a light white grape mostly grown in coastal regions of Italy like Liguria and Sardinia, where it’s refreshing citrus tones and minerality are perfectly matched to local cuisines like pesto-covered anything or grilled seafood.

The 2014 California version from Simone Giusto was absolutely delicious–meaning I didn’t leave a drop for anyone else–and the tomato salad I had alongside the juice was tasty, but this inexpensive bottle stole the show. It was loaded with citrus aromas like white grapefruit and lime zest, and was zippy and fresh on the palate.

Next time you need a white, and you’d rather die than grab another $10 Pinot Grigio, give Vermentino a try.

  • September 20, 2015
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