Wined & Dined: Poached Cod & Albariño

Occasionally, forces in the universe positively collide in your favor. I particularly appreciate when these collisions keep me drinking, and especially drinking well. That’s exactly what happened this week, and (joy of all joys) there even happened to be food involved.

It was a sultry Tuesday evening and I was staring into my fridge, enjoying the frosty breeze and contemplating the vast emptiness (or near emptiness) of its colossal insides. I should note this is a regular occurrence, considering there are two adults in my house, and the fridge is an “XL Family Size,” designed to hold provisions for an army of 6 or more.

Just as I was realizing that EnergyStar ratings don’t account for leaving the doors open on 90-degree nights, I realized I was staring at two cod filets and a bottle of Bodegas Terras Gauda Albariño ( This Spanish white from Galicia is not only known for being seafood’s best friend, but was COLD! And cod is great on the grill. A star was born.

In short, Albariño is summer’s best friend–it’s a fruity, crisp white that rarely sees oak, making it perfect for light grilled fare like seafood and white meat. Citrus-tinged acidity also makes it a fantastic pair for spicy foods.

This particular bottle, the Abadia de San Campio 2014 ( was fuller in body than I’d expected but still extremely refreshing. Aromas of peach, sweet lemon and honeysuckle met golden apple and more citrus on the palate, making a squeeze of lemon on my fish totally superfluous.

My recipe was similar to this one ( from BonAppetit, but instead of using the stove I tossed the fish, tomatoes, butter and wine into a foil pouch and onto the edge of my grill, where the flames weren’t too hot. The grill not only added a touch of smokey flavor, but didn’t heat up my entire  house.

Albariño Pairing Uncorked:


Laura Loves: This video I made for the Albariño Explorers club on pairing the grape.

Fun Facts: Albariño is also found in Portugal under the name Alvarinho.

Albariño accounts for over 90% of plantings in the Spanish region of Rias Baixas.

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  • September 28, 2015
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