2017: Trying “New” Things

Every January it seems like the majority of humanity commits to something “new.” Somehow, January 1st is the refresh button for life. I’m a resolution maker, so I don’t hate that but new needs those quotations marks,  because these resolutions tend not to be groundbreaking.

But let’s face it, trying new things is hard. Like asking your toddler to eat sandwiches cut in half instead of quarters, habit MATTERS. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to get easier as time rolls on.

Looking back at 2016–which for me was a great year, all politics and sad events aside–I discovered that I’ve become a wine drinking toddler who really wants their sandwich cut in quarters, without crusts, and definitely without mayonnaise.

In 2017, I’m going to try new things. Not freaky things like blue wine or meal delivery services mind you, but returning to Dare to Pair, drinking wines that are less than $10, and tasting everything blind.

While we all get stuck in ruts (avoiding Chardonnay, judging people’s taste in Costco wines, etc.) this year I want to return to why I love wine and the whole purpose of Laura Uncorked:

  1. Preaching the “Drink what you like” gospel.
  2. Talking about wine in plain humanspeak.
  3. Having more fun with wine, food, and their intersection with life.

I hope this year to revive the adventurous spirit that started this blog back when I just drank wine and didn’t think too much about it. I especially didn’t think about critics, sores, and reputations–things that only matter in the most minor sense, and only after you’ve decided if you like a wine.

Right now, I’m drinking a wine I definitely like–a lovely white Bordeaux. It’s light-bodied, but still curvy, kind of like Reese Witherspoon, who’s squeaky clean, but with an interesting past. Lemony, herbal and refreshing. Plus, the closest thing at hand to satisfy my desire to chill wine in snow on this cold, cold California day.

This bottle, the Clos des Lunes 2014 Lune Blanche is described as an “immediate pleasure” wine, and no I didn’t make that up.  A traditional blend, it’s not something thats easy to find in the mountains, but white Bordeaux like this one are easy to find in most wine shops. Classic and reliable, they’re old fashioned but still in-fashion for good reason–they’re easygoing, inexpensive and delicious. Also, perfect with “new” resolutions to eat more salad, and less steak (if you’re into that…)

It’s also a great bottle for toasting a new year, and “new” wine-filled adventures to come. Thanks for taking this journey with me! Cheers!



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