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WeLaura Blcome!

I’m Laura–Certified Sommelier, student of the vine, and libations enthusiast with a zest for life!

I’m usually on some type of adventure (or planning my next one), and I’m equally excited whether it brings me down the street, across the country, or to a remote corner of the globe. I dove headfirst into full-time drinking 2011 after spending six months in Italy, where I explored vineyards and tasted everything from high-end Brunello to 1 Euro boxed wine. Since then, I’ve worked in bars, retail stores, classrooms, vineyards, a Portuguese winery, and even as a private sommelier aboard an antique sailboat.

Day-to-day experiences drive my wine education, and inspire me to share what I learn with others. From patios, bars, and boardrooms I strive to turn everyday drinking into a memorable experience and this blog is where I get to do it! Here, I delve deeper into my favorite alternative, natural wines and unique juice from traditional regions, with a special focus on ideal pairings—be they filet mignon or fast food. I also tell the tales of getting dirty, injured, and falling in love in vineyards all with a hint of humor and without of snobbiness. Whether I’m drinking a Bordeaux at a 4-Star restaurant, or washing down a Hot Pocket with icy Riesling in my sweatpants, I believe that each experience is an opportunity to learn more and have fun.

Currently, I spend most of my time sharing and drinking wines from California’s emerging wine regions El Dorado and Amador Counties.  I also dabble in winemaking and help out in vineyards whenever I can. In between, I write about the intersection of food, wine, and the pleasures of overindulgence for various publications.

What time remains is devoted to exploring Northern California, studying foreign languages, and trying to stop my pets from terrorizing each other. The only guilty pleasures I’ll admit to are Jeopardy, shoe shopping, and shamelessly wearing leggings as pants.

The wine biz isn’t always pretty, but it is always an adventure. Jump in!