(Mis)Adventures for America

There’s nothing better than a solid BBQ to celebrate America’s birthday.  This year in honor of her 237th birthday, I was eager to spice things up, especially on the wine front.  Normally, I opt for American BBQ wines like fruity Zinfandels, buttery Chardonnays, or crisp Rosés from the land of liberty, but America is also a country of innovation and a wine innovation is exactly what I had in mind. Enter: Wine Jello.

Unfortunately, this invention was about as good as the glass hammer or the Flowbee. Wine Jello just isn’t something you should try at home, or ever for that matter.  I’d been hoping for a classier version jello shots–something along the lines of these Blackberry Gelées, but the result was a dish of semi-bland, hideously off-pink goop.

I started with Ravines 2012 Pinot Rosé, a lovely bright pink rosé from the Finger Lakes region of New York. I’m a huge fan of this medium-bodied wine, and thought it would work particularly well since it has stronger fruit and mineral flavors than the majority of rosé.

Mixed with unflavored gelatin and hot water, I’d hoped the ripe cherry flavors of the wine would stay true. 12 hours later, I sadly discovered that Ravines Jello was an epic failure. The wine’s bright color had completely disappeared, and its cherry flavors had dissolved into a combo of chemicals and vinegar.

People thought Ben Frankin was a failure as a youngster too.

Stick to hard liquor with your Jello. Cheers, America!


  • July 5, 2013
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